Reflector Film

Our unique high diffuse, high reflection surface enables high efficiency for indirect, direct and edge-lit light fixture designs. Perfect for increasing fixture efficiency in broad general ambient lighting applications.

Luminaire Efficiency & High Reflectance

Luminaire Efficiency Improved

Every time a light ray is reflected, a portion will be absorbed by the reflecting surface. Many current fixture designs involve multiple reflectors to achieve good aesthetics for indirect lighting or tight cavities. Used in such situations, a high performance reflector will minimize absorbance from multiple bounces and maximize the usable exiting light.

F16 98 N – | F16 98 P  W/ ADHESIVE

High Reflectance White Film

WhiteOptics® F16 high reflectance white film improves fixture efficiency while diffusing the light and minimizing LED ‘hotspots.” You can place our film in cavities and over LED PCBs to maximize every available Lumen per watt. Our WhiteOptics F16 film offers 98 percent reflectance and is available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Available in pre-cut sheets and rolls up to 50″ wide with flexible minimum order quantities.