Reflect, Diffuse, Control

High performance reflector will minimize absorbance from multiple bounces and maximize the usable exiting light.
Diffuse & Control
High diffuse reflection helps provide the soft, uniform lighting experience most designers prefer for indoor lighting applications.
Reduce Glare
WhiteOptics® diffusion films for glare reduction (DFGR series) provide ultimate control by using precise microstructure optics to redirect high angle light into useful zones.

Data Sheets

F16 Series

White Reflective Films and Materials

DF Series

High transmittance uniform diffuser film

DFBW Series

Linear split-beam diffuser

DFGR Series

Micro-embossed, structured surface

DFLCF Series

Patent-pending, micro-structured, linear prism film

DFEP Series

Micro-embossed, elliptical diffusor film

DFCM Series

80-degree collimating film

DFLB Series

20-degree linear asymmetric light bending film