Light Diffusion & Light Control Film

Micro-structured diffusers allow for LED color mixing, image hiding and varying levels of focus while maintaining high optical efficiency. WhiteOptics® offers three types of diffusion in our: Conical (DF), Split or Batwing (DFBW) and Elliptical (DFEP). 

The goal for lighting designers is to get light to the area needed as efficiently as possible. WhiteOptics® offers a variety of optical products that can collimate, focus and guide light so designers have ultimate control on how to direct the light.

Designs that maximize effectiveness in controlling light directionality allow for smaller and more efficient fixtures—saving on manufacturing costs, energy savings and enabling overall sustainability. 

Conical, Split & Elliptical Diffusion

What Is Control Film?

Linear Control Film (DFLCF)
8mm or 30mm prism film from LED for Display and Lighting applications.
Linear Collimating Film (DFCM)
80 degree prism film for Display and Lighting applications where light-collimation or light-splitting in one axis is required.
Asymmetric Light Bending Diffusion Film (DFLB)
20 degree linear asymmetric prism film that applies to display and lighting applications where asymmetric light bending is required. Can be used with collimated and diffused sources to create asymmetric “wall wash” distributions. Works with both linear and spot sources.